Matrix respects the privacy of our temporary associates and ensures your personal information is shared only within Matrix. There are certain circumstances, however, that require us to share personal information with third parties.  This occurs only when it is necessary to perform the functions that enable us to adequately service you and will not be done without your prior knowledge or consent, unless it is for the purpose of a confidential investigation at which time Matrix may be required to release your personal information to legal authorities without your prior consent.

Telephone Answering & Voice Mail

  • Answer all calls within 3 rings
  • Identify yourself by name and the department that will be meaningful to your callers
  • Ensure calls are redirected not more than once
  • Voice Mail Standards
  • Identify yourself by name and the department
  • State the current date or week range
  • Indicate your general availability
  • Provide the caller with the option to reach someone else between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. by dialing "0" or another number

If, during the course of your assignment with a Matrix client, you perform or transmit work on a client’s computer systems or other technical resources, your work may be subject to the investigation, search, and review by others. 

Any electronically stored communications that you either send to or receive from others may be retrieved and reviewed when doing so serves the legitimate business interests and obligations of either Matrix or its clients.
Any inappropriate or unauthorized use of the client's electronic property is grounds for termination.

The voicemail, work areas, computer files, email, internet facilities and other technical resources at the client's site are the property of Matrix's clients and should be reviewed, monitored, and used for business purposes only as instructed by the client. As a result, computer data, voice mail messages, and e-mail transmissions are readily available to numerous persons.


  • Use the extended absence greeting when you are away from the office for one business day or longer and will not be picking up messages
  • Indicate you will call back within one business day. Avoid using "as soon as possible" in your voice mail message. "As soon as possible" may be interpreted differently by the caller than was intended
  • When you are going to be away from your desk use "call forward"

Policy on Voicemail, Email & Internet Use

Personal Information & Electronic Documents

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