When should I call Matrix?

You should call your Matrix supervisor:

  • When you are available for work.  We send those associates first who have expressed interest, willingness, and eagerness to work.
  • If there is any change in your job description or additional skill demands on a job.
  • When you are going to be late or need directions to the work location.
  • When the assignment is extended.
  • When any major problem arises on the job.
  • If the company asks you to go on its payroll.
  • When you complete an assignment.
  • When your telephone number, address, or name changes.

Must I accept every assignment?
No.  Flexibility is one advantage of being a Matrix associate.  But, once you accept an assignment, we are depending on you to complete the assignment.
Do I pay any fees to Matrix?
No.  Associates are never charged fees for any assignment.
What if I am injured on the job?
Advise your client supervisor, and call your Matrix office as soon as possible.
How long are assignments?
Assignments vary from hours to weeks or even months.  When the assignment is made, the length usually will be known.  If you are not available for the full length of the assignment, please do not accept the job.
How often can I work?
This depends on your skills, availability, willingness, and the excellence of your work.  We make every attempt to keep our associates as busy as they wish to be.  However, Matrix does not guarantee any certain number of hours.
When should I call the client company?
Never.  Always work through your Matrix supervisor.
What if the client company wants me to go on their payroll?
Just have the client company call your Matrix supervisor, and we will handle all the necessary details.


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