We are pleased to have you joining our team.  We look forward to assisting you in your job search and with your ongoing career development. This brochure is provided to help prepare you for work with Matrix. With you on our team, we hope to achieve excellence in the quality we deliver to our clients and in the services we provide to you. This brochure is intended to be a reference guide which contains valuable information about working with us.  So, welcome aboard!

Staffing Agencies in Ontario Canada

When you arrive at a new assignment, the client's staff will appreciate your ability to get right to work. 
Dress appropriately
Your Matrix supervisor will tell you what you should wear for each assignment.  Always be neat and clean.
Be punctual
Arrive on time for all assignments you accept.  On the first day of an assignment, arrive early to find your work location and get settled before your assignment starts.  Notify your Matrix supervisor immediately if you are going to be late.  If an emergency prevents you from reporting to your assignment, you must notify Matrix immediately.
Be courteous, friendly and enthusiastic!
A positive attitude will bring you enjoyment and success with each assignment.
Follow all client rules
Follow rules regarding breaks, hours, smoking, and dress code.
Communicate with your Matrix supervisor
Report any changes in the type of work you are doing to your Matrix supervisor immediately.

Complete the assignment
Call your Matrix office at the completion of every assignment.  Failure to notify your personnel supervisor of the completion of an assignment will be considered job abandonment, and unemployment benefits may be denied.
If the client supervisor compliments your work, suggest that you be requested by name when the next need arises.  Matrix always tries to fill such requests.  Never leave your telephone number with the client company.  Tell them you can be contacted through Matrix office.
If the client has questions about Matrix policies, refer them to Matrix office.  Do not answer policy questions yourself. 

Always take a Timecard...
Take a timecard to every assignment.  Have it signed by the client supervisor at the end of each week, or at the end of the assignment.

Matrix Associate Employee Brochure

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