All Matrix employees must complete the mandatory Health and Safety Awareness Training introduced by the Ministry of Labour. Training takes about 1 hour, is available on-line, and is free.

​What is the new Health and Safety Awareness Training?

As part of the Ontario Government’s injury prevention program, all workers in Ontario must be given information on the laws that help keep workers safe and the rights and responsibilities of employers, supervisors and workers.

Who needs training?

Everyone must be trained. All workers in Ontario are required to complete the Worker Health and Safety Awareness Training. If you are a supervisor, you must complete the Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness Training

Benefits of training?

Information you will learn will help you be safe at work.  Training becomes mandatory for all workers in 2014.  All Ontario work places will require you to complete this training before you begin work.  Once the deadline passes, Matrix cannot send you on assignment until you have completed the training and provided us with your certificate of completion.

You are only required to complete this training once - be sure to bring or email your proof of completion certificate to our office. We will keep your certificate on file in our database. You can also attach your certificate or list the training on your resume.  

Where do I find the free on-line training?

Free on-line training is available on the Ministry of Labour website. View the video here  to complete your training now.

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