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MATRIX VIRTUAL ASSOCIATES™ provide off site legal, medical and clerical office support to clients.  Our office is fully equipped with the latest technology and staff who are experienced and skilled in all areas of legal, medical and office administration.  We assist you in clearing your backlog and keeping you up to date with meeting project timelines. 

All work is delivered to the highest of standards by professional, dedicated individuals with experience.


Legal, medical and clerical:  Documents produced from dictated materials, spreadsheets, correspondence, interviews and board meetings.  We will make arrangements to have your documents picked up and delivered to our offices at no cost to you. Contact us for more information.

Court attendances to file legal documents:  Our experienced litigation staff will issue and file your legal documents.  Their knowledge and experience ensures that issuing and filing will be done quickly and efficiently.

Keeping you informed with the latest events, staffing industry news, informative articles on life and the workplace.

Fee Structure

Each need is assessed individually to ensure you are only paying for the services you require.


20% discount for non-profit organizations.

40% discount for first job order placed for a project.

Project Rate

Quotes for projects will be provided based on the estimated time and the complexity of the project:

  • An estimate is made based on the expected hours to complete the project, the expected commitment required and the output requested.
  • Invoices and detailed time sheets will be provided to the client electronically.
  • Billing will be calculated in 15 minute increments.
  • Final proofreading is the responsibility of the client.

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