• Report unsafe conditions immediately to your client supervisor and Matrix supervisor.
  • Use all prescribed protective equipment, and wear the appropriate clothing for the job.
  • Report all accidents, and get first aid immediately for all injuries.
  • Use, adjust and repair equipment only when authorized.
  • Use the proper tool for the job and use it correctly.
  • Be professional at all times.
  • If lifting is part of your assignment, bend at the knees.  Get help with heavy loads.
  • Maintain good housekeeping throughout your job area.
  • Use only machines or equipment for which you are qualified.

Health and Safety Policy


Each Matrix associate has the duty to comply with the health and safety rules of Matrix and its client companies.  The following are basic safety procedures that should be observed.

Safety Procedures

Click to download workplace safety brochures and posters.

Fire & Emergency Preparedness

Matrix believes in the dignity and importance of all associates and their right to derive personal satisfaction from the job.  The prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses is of such conquence to this belief that it will be given a top priority at all times. Matrix will require all client companies to have an accident prevention program that emphasizes the integration of health and safety measures into each job task so that health, safety, and job performance become inseparable. All associates must follow the Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements and the safety policies and procedures of the client company.

Any on the job injury sustained by a Matrix Associate must be reported to the associate's supervisor at Matrix as soon as possible.  Follow instructions, and don't take chances.  If you don't know the rule or proper procedure, ask your client supervisor.

WHMIS is a system designed to provide vital information to employees about hazardous materials in the workplace.  It applies by law to every workplace you might work in.  

If you have questions or concerns about WHMIS issues, talk to either your Matrix supervisor or the workplace supervisor. 
Related Links: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/ewh-semt/occup-travail/whmis-simdut/index-eng.php

Under this system, the client company should:
1.  Advise you of any operations where you will be working that involve hazardous chemicals.

2.  Advise you if your work will involve exposure to hazardous chemicals and train you about the following:

  • Detecting the presence or release of hazardous chemicals.
  • Physical and health hazards of hazardous chemicals in the work area.
  • Protecting yourself through work practices, emergency procedures and personal protective equipment.
  • Details about the Hazard Communication program.  This should include an explanation of the labelling system, material safety data sheets, and instruction about how to obtain and use hazard information.

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